Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Dear Scouting For Girls.

Dear Scouting For Girls,

You have been puking all over our airwaves for some time now; whilst I will be the first to admit that I took a liking to "she's so lovely" (i had some vague hope that someone, somewhere, was singing along and thinking of me: "I like the way she does her hair" etc.); I think it is time that someone told you enough is enough. How many more songs can you pump out where the chorus is simply a repetition of one, frankly uninspiring, line about something ridiculous like Elvis not being dead?

Perhaps my criticism has been to harsh. Maybe you are going through some tough times. Evidently you Lyricist continuously leaves you after giving you just one chorus line which you then play on loop in the vague hope that none of us will notice you've been saying the same words for the best part of 90 seconds. Not only is this painful to listen too it also insults your recipient's intelligence. I am not a deaf ape, I have noticed....

Here are a few helpful hints:

1. repetition does not necessarily equal a musical climax.
2. throwing in the names of cult figures such as James Dean and Elvis does not give you cult status.
3. next time you sing the lyrics "this isn't a love song this is goodbye" take some of your own advice and leave.

thanks guys,


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