Sunday, 17 April 2011

I don't swing.

Whilst I'm in the facility just wanted to clear up a point. In an early post on neighbors the word swinger is highlighted. I have no explanation for this; I did not highlight it myself and it is not connected to some raunchfest. Sorry for anyone who has felt mislead...
Paris Hilton may be all about the pocket pup and others get all worked up about teabag pigs or summin but I want this. Tiny Tim; a tiiiiiiny tortoise that was born in Wipsnade zoo this week. He is, apparently, no bigger than a grape! I reckon he will probably get a tad larger but on a carefully monitored diet I'd like to believe he would never out grow my left coat pocket. He could loiter about on my desk in the library, nonchalantly pushing pencil shavings around my note book and typing out messages on my keyboard by slowly lolling from one key to the next. His size would mean that the risk of losing him would run high BUT his speed would be an impediment. This recent influx of borrower sized animals has certainly left me thinking about other possible zoological phenomenons. Mini elephant? with fully functional trunk for summer water fight fun? A penguin the size of a nectarine who could occasionally chill out in your fridge? A tiny seal, no bigger than my left hand who would join one in the bath (costumed of course) for jokes. A miniature panda-could live in a bonsai plant. The more i think about it the more i realise that any animal in miniature form would be a delight. I really need to get my hands on that tortoise though. Revision would just be so much more fun.

Friday, 8 April 2011

http:// You NEED to see this. Skittles, the sweet of choice of my thirteen year old self, have recently (no offence lads) been kinda brushed aside by other confectionery choices: fruit pastilles, rebels etc. but in a recent attempt to side themselves with the random, reckless, inhibited youthful self inside of all of us they've launched a mindpickling campaign. Clever use of the mega digital dominator facebook made sure they didn't miss out on any of us student-y lot who watch all our TV on our laptops. wise move. In fact the campaign has yet to visit me via televisual channels. So thought I'd take a moment to say thank you skittles. Thank you for re asserting your presence, saying 'jigna' (or at least trying to) for me an all my friends, and really creeping me out with your cat ad. on a side note, does anyone know where fruit mentos have gone?

Thursday, 7 April 2011

I've been spending time in libraries and whilst my hunt for books has been largely unsuccesfull I have discovered an AMAZING artist. Thought I'd share. genuinly some of the most amazing drawings I have ever seen. Not sure that I'd score them high on technique but the concept and the attention to detail is breath taking. Mr Walter has drawn the UK and filled it in with a comical map of sorts. I honestly have no idea how to explain this! It's got to be seen. Personal fave of his other work includes the brand wall; who knew I would recognise so many brands! V. clever Mr Walter, V clever indeed.