Friday, 8 April 2011

http:// You NEED to see this. Skittles, the sweet of choice of my thirteen year old self, have recently (no offence lads) been kinda brushed aside by other confectionery choices: fruit pastilles, rebels etc. but in a recent attempt to side themselves with the random, reckless, inhibited youthful self inside of all of us they've launched a mindpickling campaign. Clever use of the mega digital dominator facebook made sure they didn't miss out on any of us student-y lot who watch all our TV on our laptops. wise move. In fact the campaign has yet to visit me via televisual channels. So thought I'd take a moment to say thank you skittles. Thank you for re asserting your presence, saying 'jigna' (or at least trying to) for me an all my friends, and really creeping me out with your cat ad. on a side note, does anyone know where fruit mentos have gone?

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